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Top of page Article Ad size – 630 x 125 pixels.

Last month, July 2014, The Pandora Society received 19,977 page views, averaging 644 views per day. Each week the site’s popularity continues to grow, and we invite you to share your products and services with our audience.

Our reader surveys have shown that the Pandora Society audience is 62.5% Female and 37.5% Male, with the age breakdown as follows:

Teens – 4.35% 20’s – 20.29% 30’s – 24.64% 40’s – 27.54% 50’s – 17.39% 60’s – 5.8%

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Sidebar Ad size – 250 x 250 pixels

There are several different opportunities for ad placement, and many varying price ranges to match your budget. Sidebar Ads rates are based on monthly agreements, and Article Ads are available at a daily rate.

A Sidebar Ad agreement reserves placement in the side which appears on every page within the site; there are a dozen spots. No matter what point of entry to the site, your ad will appear in the right hand column and when clicked upon will take the viewer to your website.

The Pandora Society posts daily articles regarding events, Steampunk, science fiction and fantasy, literature and media, and general gourmet suave nerd culture; our Article Ads appear in these daily articles. When clicked upon, Article Ads will redirect viewers to your website. Our articles are organized into topic series that are available for monthly sponsorship.


Ad Type Spot / Series Frequency Cost per month
Sidebar Ad 1 Daily $100.00
Sidebar Ad 2 Daily $95.00
Sidebar Ad 3 Daily $90.00
Sidebar Ad 4 Daily $85.00
Sidebar Ad 5 Daily $80.00
Sidebar Ad 6 Daily $75.00
Sidebar Ad 7 Daily $70.00
Sidebar Ad 8 Daily $65.00
Sidebar Ad 9 Daily $60.00
Sidebar Ad 10 Daily $55.00
Sidebar Ad 11 Daily $50.00
Sidebar Ad 12 Daily $45.00
Article Ad Airship Feature 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Art Review 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Book Review 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Film Reviews 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Food & Drink 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad History 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Makers 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Music 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Science 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad SP Celeb Interview 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Sunday Summary 1 per week $40.00
Article Ad Web Series 1 per week $40.00

Please enquire with our sales team at for availability of ads.

We look forward to you being a part of our ever growing society . . . The Pandora Society.

Acceptable formats are jpeg and png  – 300 dpiPlease send your Ad artwork (and any further questions) to 

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Article Ads placed at the end of articles can pretty much come in any scale, but will be rescaled to a maximum width of 630 pixels.


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