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  • Yes! Shada shall be mine!

  • Oh how I wish I could be there, looks like the only thing missing is Omega himself.

    Question for ya, I have three different copies of Shada, amazing story and epic in the Doctors life history. How different is this new one? I can’t wait to check it out.
    I just finished The Infinity Doctors and now going back to reread Lungbarrow. So many clues, I think he’s the Other o_0

  • If I wasn’t hosting the Voodoo Carnival this Friday I would so want to be in LA this weekend to meet my favorite Doctor . . . ah well, I guess we should just get Paul McGann to come to Cincinnati.

    Great article Brian 🙂

  • I would love to attend a Doctor Who convention at some point, especially as I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to the show. Do you think there is a big difference between the old school fans versus the ones who were brought on board by the reboot?

  • There are some fans who view the New Series as the only thing (and some Classic Series fans who hold the same viewpoint, respectively), but a majority of the ones like the Classic Series as well. I think where you see any animosity are the ones who favor Tennant (and Rose) solely. To them, nothing else suffices. They, however, are in the minority.

  • HAHA! Most agreed! Those are some excellent ideas to give! I’m proud to say that I am one of your go to minions to help with any such reason or occasion! But yes, if one does have alcohol, one must keep watch on their guests! But that doesn’t mean one can not enjoy the party. Just enjoy it enough to where you can deem if some one is over intoxicated yet or not…

  • Anyone hosting a Space Themed party needs to have MECO Sci-Fi themes playing. I just happen to have a portable record player and a couple of MECO LPs on vinyl. So if anyone is going to throw such a party at Pandoracon, let me know. 🙂

  • Looks like CBS killed it… Would have been cool.

  • It’s still on the app market as of last night. He just had to change the ui a little. I can email it to anyone that wants it too. I backed it up 🙂

  • Just checked, link is still good. CBS had to cave in to popular demand and outraged fans

  • I had the tricorder app last year on my Droid Incredible, but when I changed to a Xoom, the tricorder app wasn’t set up to run with a tablet so I had to abandon it. I’ll have to check and see if it’s any better now with the tablet.

  • Can’t wait to see what kind of room parties you all come up with at the Steampunk Empire Symposium and Pandoracon. I’m kind of new to the world of cons but it only took a couple of great room parties to make me a fast convert.

  • Well, let it be said here that I shan’t be hosting a room party of mine own… I plan to roam the hallways and byways in search of people needing to quench themselves with The Kraken’s Delight and/or the soon-to-be-named Symposium Serum… Consider me a walking room party!

  • I can speak from experience, this lady knows what she’s talking about.

  • There seems to be a couple different ones in the itunes app store. Anyone know which one is the best?

  • Take a look who the developer is. If it’s moonbeam than it’s a good one. Some are just fake graphical play things that are usually internet based and linked to wiki style databases. You want to look for one that actually uses your phones sensors to record data.
    Hope this helps, I just don’t know apple very much. They have too many rules 🙂

  • Deadly Assassin was epic, the Master totally creepy.

  • If Ginny or anyone find the good tricorder app for the new iPhone 4s please let me know. the 2 I found are just bad from what I see

  • great commercial, I liked that movie

  • Thanks for watching Vicky! I’m so sad I missed out on those groovy space helmet as a kid! Stay tuned for more space madness next week!

  • Great memories with this movie. saw it back in the day on Betamax… might have been VHS though. I remember thinking it was funny to see John Boy in space 🙂 I really liked all these lower budget space theme movies. Movies like Space Raiders… I really liked that film. ‘Oh you can’t buy rings, rings have to come to you”

  • I’m a big “B” movie fan. I really liked Ice Pirates, but I haven’t seen it in a long time. Assembly line eunuchs, hahaha….

    • Ah Vicky! A woman of discriminating taste! 🙂

      Ice Pirates will always be one of my guilty, guilty pleasures! Thanks for dropping in!

  • Cool! Back when I was working the very early morning shift and I’d have to hit the hay with the chickens, my wife would stay up and watch free movies on this new site called “Netflix,” or something like that. When I came home, she’d tell me about what she saw, and “Ice Pirates” was one of her guilty pleasures! I need to check it out, especially now I’m on a different shift and hitting the hay with my wife is preferable to the chickens!

    • It truly is a guilty pleasure Phil, and those are the best to indulge in! Glad you’re on a new schedule as well, bedding down with lovely women has a distinct advantage over fowl of any sort. 🙂

      Have a great weekend!!!

  • Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this movie, let alone seen it!

  • I HAVE to see this movie.

  • I really like all those “cheesy” “B” movies! Plus He Man!

    • Gotta love that “Man-E-Faces” kid….he’s giving me a run for my money in the ham-bone acting department. 🙂

      More choice selections from the cheese shoppe are coming in May!

  • Thanks for checking in space cadets! I highly recommend this deliciously rotten gem. Perhaps if we ask nicely the Pnadoracon powers that be will play it at the upcoming con! 🙂

  • I love ZARDOZ! Truly! I think it’s an imaginative work, from a time when movies weren’t neccesarily designed to be “commercial”. (I can’t think of a more uncommercial movie, in truth.) I don’t find the acting rotten, and consider the whole experience a wonderfully written and beautifully photographed allegory. Our local art house will be showing it on the big screen on Wednesday, May 9th. I intend to be in the front row (or thereabouts).

  • Dear Carpathian! So good to see you in the digital neighborhood!

    Sounds like you have a local art house that actually has some taste! The only small cinema around here relentlessly shows ironic hipster “finding myself” movies and foreign political “feel-bad” movies. 🙂

    I agree that it is relentlessly un-commercial…and it does have that famous 70s strange-air about it (you know, strange starkness of films like “Silent Running” or “Idaho Transfer”) but I must admit, I still have a hard time sitting through the whole film.
    Would love to hear your view of the allegory of Zardoz…might help me to see from another perspective.

    Hope you have a blast at the showing!

    • You need but ask, effendi! My Thoughts & reveries essay for the month of May will be about the symbolism of ZARDOZ! (Put on your boots; it’s bound to get deep…!)

  • I have always loved this film. I to feel that the acting was fine. I wouldn’t say it was fantastic, but I would never accuse it of being rotten. I admit though, that I have an affinity for distopian/post apocalyptic films, but I became a fan of this well before I knew that. I believe this was one of those movies I saw in the early days of video rentals, either on beta or VHS.

    Ir remember my surprise when the L. Frank Baum connection was made. I thought that was fantastic.

    • Hi Caelyn!

      The House Cleaver also has an affinity for dystopian cinema! We should meet up sometime and trade apocalyptic films! 🙂
      If you dig films of that vein, I highly recommend “No Blade of Grass” which was just released on DVD a couple of months ago. While not as “high fantasy” as Zardoz, it possesses a similar quality.


  • I have a fondness for dystopian literature. I enjoy dystopian film as well. Film’s like “Logan’s Run,” “Silent Running,” and others have always been in my wheel house. I admit, that when it comes to the more obscure films my knowledge is weak. I’ll add “Zardoz” to the list to watch… even tho’ the trailer left me a bit “I…he…but…I…it…she, uh…I wha’?”

    • Howdy Calamity!

      Thanks for dropping in! As a movie host it’s my duty to “rag on” films, be they deserving of goofing on or not. It’s all good-natured ribbing and should never dissuade anyone from checking them out. 🙂 By all means, take a gander at Zardoz, if only to witness Sean Connery in remarkably odd fashions.

      I hope to be covering both “Silent Running” and “Logan’s Run” in the near future! Both a couple of my favorites from the golden age of sci-fi cinema! Warning: I will make jokes about the Joan Baez song about “children are like trees” etc. from “Silent Running” *wink*

      Have a great weekend!

      • I was introduced to “Silent Running” by my hubby some many moons, many many many moons ago. It remains a favorite, but we don’t often revisit it, not unless we feel like opening up a proverbial vein or three… that movie impresses in many ways… well, I’ll save the rest of that comment for when you cover it, good sir!

  • I had EZOs debut album! I actually dug it. I bought it because Gene Simmons “discovered” them and produced them. I figured if they were good enough for KISS they were good enough for me. LOL!

    • Wow Calamity! I am mightily impressed! In my abnormal travels I hardly ever meet anyone who has even heard of EZO, let alone owned the album. Color me impressed! 🙂

      • I’m a well-travelled woman. EZO was a clinch for me, it appealed to my love of hard/glam rock, Japanese stuff, and KISS fangirlness. I even had a poster on my wall and had written the band a fan letter. Got a form reply and a picture with the autographs printed on. Don’t have it anymore, tho’ as things got water damages in a storage shelter. Along with my EZO stuff I lost my Britney Fox guitar pick and handwritten letter from the manager. LOL!

        • Britney Fox! Suddenly the song “Girl’s School” blasts forth in my head! 🙂

          The Cleavers and the Dawns need to party soon!

          • We do, you’re my kind of people! I saw Britney Fox in 1989. I was in Boot Camp and Joan Jett and Britney Fox put on a show and I, being one of the very few rocker chicks in my unit, won the ticket! They performed in a gymnasium on base. During the last song of Britney Foxs set I got knocked down in a stage rush and my knee got crunched. No severe damage but they pulled me back stage and made me sit for the rest of the show. The lead guitarist of Britney Fox came out and gave me a can of soda for my knee (as they were “out of icebags…” lol a sneaky way to get a treat to a soldier girl) and gave me a copy of their album and a guitar pick. I was invited to hang with them if I was ever in town with them in the future. Out paths never crossed again, sadly!

  • On another note… I lived in Japan in the mid 70’s. I just turned four when we got there and left just after I turned 7. (74-77) I remember being glued to all that good jazz. Much of what I love today was shaped by Japanese Sentai and anime!

  • Here you go, 1969 for me…

    Alice’s Restaurant
    All Monsters Attack
    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
    A Boy Named Charlie Brown
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    Easy Rider
    Gamera vs. Guiron
    The Italian Job
    Midnight Cowboy
    Paint Your Wagon
    True Grit

    I also learned in this little dig that Catherine Zeta-Jones is exactly one day older than me. Also, individuals who made their film debut in the year I was born…

    ▪ Jeff Bridges
    ▪ Mel Brooks
    ▪ Farrah Fawcett
    ▪ Anjelica Huston
    ▪ Ian McKellen
    ▪ Al Pacino

  • Some movies from the year I was born . . . The Exorcist, American Graffiti, Soylent “it’s made of people!” Green, The Wicker Man (original), Disney’s Robin Hood, No Sex Please; We’re British, The Mysterious Island, Live and Let Die, Don’t Look Now, Westworld, High Plains Drifter, Sleeper, Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Fantastic Planet . . .

  • Movies my Birth Year, 1976; Rocky, The Omen, King Kong (Jeff Bridges), The Enforcer, Bad News Bears, Silent Movie (Mel Brooks), Pink Panther Strikes again, Carrie and Logan’s Run.

  • Movies from 1968 that I have seen:
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    The Producers
    Night of the Living Dead
    Rosemary’s Baby
    Planet of the Apes
    The Lion in Winter
    Yellow Submarine
    The Odd Couple
    The Love Bug
    Monterey Pop
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Hang ‘Em High
    Inspector Clouseau

  • SO..guess my age from the movies I have seen from my birth year:
    Taxi Driver
    Logan’s Run
    All the President’s Men
    The Omen
    Marathon Man
    Freaky Friday ((Original))
    The Bad News Bears
    The Pink Panther Strikes Again
    The Eagle Has Landed
    Assault on Precinct 13 ((original))
    Futureworld ((Westworld is MUCH Better))
    The Shootist ((John Wayne’s final movie))

  • I have seen 17 of the 50 top movies from 1979, and after looking over the list, there are a few more I’d like to see.
    Alien, Apocalyps Now, Life of Brian, Caligula, The Warriors, Mad Max, 10, RockyII, Star Trek (The Motion Picture), Moonraker, The Jerk, The Muppet Movie, The Amityville Horror, Meatballs, When a Stranger Calls, and Phantasm.

    • to be clear, the movies I listed are the ones I’ve seen.

  • Some movies from my birth year 1972

    The Godfather
    Pink Flamingos
    Deep Throat
    Last Tango in Paris
    Tales from the Crypt

    1972 was a good year for a deviant to be born.

  • The movies that came out the year I was born that I have seen are Grease, Superman, Animal House, and Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke. I was also amused to see that there are some classics that I missed that came out that year like Deerhunter, Halloween, and Debbie Does Dallas.

  • Movies I have seen from my birth year: Vertigo, Bell, Book and Candle, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, South Pacific, Gigi, The Blob, The Fly, Auntie Mame, 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, A Tale of Two Cities,God’s Little Acre, It Happened in Broad Daylight, Les Miserables, and some I’ve most likely seen but don’t remember.

  • Movies I’ve seen from 1970:

    1. Patton
    2. M.A.S.H.
    3. Tora Tora Tora
    4. Catch 22
    5. The Aristocats
    6. The Dunwhich Horror
    7. Airport
    8. Two Mules for Sister Sara
    9. Puffnstuff

  • Ooo! Here’s the movies from the year I was born! Don’t hate 😛
    1.) The Princess Bride
    2.) Full Metal Jacket
    3.) Dirty Dancing
    4.) Predator
    5.) The Untouchables
    6.) Hellraiser
    7.) Wall Street
    8.) RoboCop
    9.) The Lost Boys
    10.) Spaceballs

  • 1966

    Fantastic Voyage
    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

  • Deep Throat, Blacula, and Ben.

    Good night everybody!

  • Movies I’ve seen from the year I was born – 1982!
    * = movie I own

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Grease 2
    The Secret of NIMH*
    The Last Unicorn*
    Cat People
    Friday the 13th Part III
    Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    The Toy
    Amityville II: The Possession
    Savannah Smiles
    Gandhi (I watched it in high school, but I’ll admit I don’t remember much a/b it.)

  • Let’s see if any of you “children” have even heard of these movies:
    12 Angry Men
    The Bridge on the River Kwai
    Paths of Glory
    Man of a Thousand Faces
    Funny Face
    The Prince and the Showgirl
    I’ve seen a few of these

    • 12 Angry Men – Seen it
      The Bridge on the River Kwai – Of course… eeen it
      Funny Face – OF COURSE I’ve seen Funny Face
      Man of a Thousand Faces – Seen bits of it, but not the whole thing.

    • Same year as me!

      I’ve seen:
      12 Angry Men
      The Bridge Over the River Kwai
      Funny Face
      The Seventh Seal
      Throne of Blood
      Old Yeller
      3:10 to Yuma
      Peyton Place
      The Incredible Shrinking Man
      Jailhouse Rock

  • Ok,children,gather round. Here’s my list.

    20,000 leagues under the sea
    seven Samarai
    creature from the black lagoon
    seven brides for seven brothers
    Godzilla The original
    black shield of falworth
    Prince valiant
    tobor the great

    Now what year was I born in?
    And no fair peeking.

    • Well I know 20,000 Leagues was in mid 1950’s, but I’m not sure exactly what year without looking it up.

  • OMG i loved Galaxy rangers and Jayce so much. I don’t remember Spiral Zone though.

    Thank you for doing this.

    Jamie D
    Florence KY

    • Thank you Jamie for taking the time to visit!

      I agree with you you on all counts! Spiral Zone is indeed a pretty obscure series, but I couldn’t pass up that ridiculously overwrought theme song. Classic!

      See you around the inter-webs space fan!


  • Well out of the first 50 from my year (1975) I had these:
    One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail*
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show*
    Death Race 2000
    Escape to Witch Mountain
    The Return of the Pink Panther
    The Stepford Wives
    The killer Elite
    Rooster Cogburn*
    The Wind and The Lion

    There were an awful lot of raunchy looking movies listed for my year. However, I did get some very good ones too*.

  • Those PSAs were creepy and weird and icky. Plus they bring back some skin-crawl inducing memories of my childhood… lol!

    • Ah yes…they do have a bleakness about them, don’t they?

      Sorry for the creep-out!

      New episodes filming tonight minus the “creep”! Well, Butch is still there….but we’ll leave out the creepy 70s PSAs


  • I had never heard of this one before. I always thought “Parts: The Clonus Horror” was the premeir early clone movie.

    • Funny you should mention “Parts”! We just shot an episode for that one last night. 🙂 It is indeed one of the better clone movies and really anything featuring perennial SF slummer Peter Graves is a a-okay in our book!

  • A bit of fandom trivia . . . Peter Serafinowicz is actually the voice of Darth Maul; he is the James Earl Jones to Ray Parks.

  • I never realized the Daleks looked so well put together that long ago.

    And shame on Lego, blatantly plagiarising Star Trek. 🙂

  • Something old…..something new…..something borrowed…..and….SOMETHING BLUE.

    I come with a message and a question.
    Where. Is. My. Wife?
    [Ships explode]
    What was the message?
    Shall I repeat the question?

    I have loved NuWhu in a way I didn’t think I would be able to. I really need to start collecting these, but for me…”a good man goes to war” has….a punch… that was only seen in some of the very best of the Old Who, such as Remeberance of the Daleks…

  • I have only caught glimpses of this show and had no idea that it was seven seasons long. From your summary and from the clips I’ve seen, I now realize that this is a show I need to catch up with . . . thankfully Netflix does have the first six seasons on streaming 🙂

  • I haven’t seen the movie, but I think I actually remember the commercial!

  • I’m solidyly on the “Great show” side. And I have to point out that no matter what a show is about, who writes it, who acts in it, how many women or minorities are present, there will ALWAYS be those who find something to complain about. Not that I’m saying there aren’t problems in this or other shows, I’m just saying it’s better to just watch it, laugh at the jokes that you think are funny, think deep thoughts on the subject that make you go hmmm, groan at the bad jokes, frown at any other bad stuff, and if you still like it, watch the next episode. Getting all worked up about what you don’t like doesn’t help you like it any more. Unless of course that’s WHAT you like about it. There are plenty of shows (movies and TV) I intentionally watch to find the flaws, and that’s why I like it. There are shows I’ve watched countless times, seemingly to see how many flaws I can notice in plot, setting, effects, continuity etc. But with Big Bang theory, I don’t bother, cause in general, I know that a show written about geeks and nerds, could never satisfy the standards of geeks and nerds…so I just watch it, laugh at the jokes that I think are funny, think deep thoughts on the subject that make me go hmmm, groan at the bad jokes, and frown at any other bad stuff they throw at me. And I am entertained.

  • My first geek trigger was the TV show, Star Trek. The series ran for only three seasons and I was not even born. I discovered it on syndication. For a six year old it was visually appealing and had, on it’s surface, rather simple story lines. Watching them later, I would see the more of the complexities of the show (there were many).

    • Wow, Star Trek at 6 years old? Well I suppose that’s not too young, I saw Star Wars when I was 6 and I grasped it well enough, but as you said, as I grew older I was able to appreciate it more and more. I actually never saw Star Trek until MUCH later than that. I’m unable to remember exactly when I first saw STTOS, but it was likely sometime around 13 (1984).

  • Wow… I had to really think hard on that. I have two that come easily to mind. One geek-related event and one non-geek related. When I was 5 my dad was stationed in Japan. We lived on base. As such there wasn’t a whole lot of American TV to pick from, but we got all the Japanese channels. I remember flipping channels one day and I ran across a whole bunch of shows, “Gorranger,” “Gatchaman,” “Cutey Honey,” and more… sentai and anime… it blew me away and I was hooked. That early exposure, and the fact that my parents were both SF/Fantasy geeks really shaped who I am today.
    The other, non-geeky, thing was when I was in the 5th grade. It was the end of the year and we were picking our electives for 6th grade. I had a choice between band, choir, woodshop, or art. I chose band. We all got to meet with the band director to pick what we wanted to play. I sat that there thinking, flute or clarinet, when the band director, a woman, said “Now, don’t think only girls can play flute or only boys can play trumpet…pick what you want.” So I picked trumpet. That really was the biggest life-changer I had in my early years.

  • My first SF novel was Star Gate by Andre Norton. I was only 7 and I’d swiped it out of my sister’s bedroom. I didn’t even know what SF was, & got so VERY confused when the people had 6 fingers & their hair turned dark as they got old. But when it got to the magic gate, I was hooked forever. My sister beat me up for getting in her stuff, but it was worth it.

  • I learned about ElfQuest via my hubby. He has quite the collection of the older large print comics. After a quick peek I was hooked, sadly we have run out of books to peruse.

  • I love the ‘until supplies run out’ part 😀

  • I have had several of these type of moments in my life. The first? probably caused by Star Trek. I recall watching with my father who was a mechanical engineer and asking him about how the ship would work. He dismissively said it was fiction – impossible. His reply to me asking why was “because Professor Einstein saya so.” He worked hard and refused to spend his off time explaining General Relativity to a elementary school kid. I really liked the show, more for the Naval/military command structure than the science, but this pissed me off. I visited the school library determined to find out who this Einstein jerk was. As one can imagine, I did not find anything too useful and the librarian was equally dimissive when I explained my problem. This being LONG before the Web, I basically stewed until I could get access to more info, which was during one of teh thrift store shopping expeditions my mother went on every weekend. I found an old dog-eared falling apart copy of “The ABC of Relativity” by Bertrand Russel. That started a life long need to learn.

    Gaming wise I think the first time I realized that games could contain entire worlds would be when I played Adventure on the Atari 2600. It gave me this feeling of excitement and wonder, most recently reproduced by Skyrim! I discovered Role-playing games in Jr High, an while the fantasy of D&D was awesome, when I found Gamma World, something clicked. I loved being the GM the most, doing my best to describe ruined future cities in terms of how a mutated human from a tribal village would percieve them. THAT was the fun for me, creating the world that the players romped in.

    I have lots more “epiphanies,” but this is too long already!

    • Wow, Gamma World! I had forgotten about that one. Blast from the past. I never got to play it, but I remember seeing in the shelves. Now, after reading about the setting, I really wish I had played it back in the day, as I am a HUGE fan of post apocalyptic fiction. Thanks for your contribution to the topic 🙂

  • Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands were amazing at the last Symposium. It would be great to see them back again!

  • It would be incredible if the Symposium attempted to book Steam Powered Giraffe.

  • I really enjoyed the Bawdy Boys at the last World Steam Expo. I liked Qiet at Symposium last year….

  • Greetings Pandora Society members,

    A tiny, secret museum has opened that may be of interest to the Pandora Society community.

    Musée Patamécanique presents itself as an Automaton Theater/Cabinet of Curiosities.

    This private museum is secretly located in the Historic District of Bristol, Rhode Island and is open by appointment only to friends, colleagues, and the occasional curiosity seeker.

    Visit us on line at or check out the Musée Patamécanique Facebook page for more information.

    We would love to see you!

    Daren Elsa Nibelly

    Curator, Musée Patamécanique

  • #17 Kitty Kim!

  • Good luck! You all look awesome!!! 😀

  • Lisa Renee Devonesque is awesome! And that fact that she does all of her own clothes and wigs is amazing. The Tops!

  • I want to vote for the Prof D~Still steampunk costume.

  • Fun! Modified weapons? Original weapons? Art? Steampunks make so many delightful things.

  • We received this response from a Lady in Columbus, Ohio . . .

    “I’ll pretty much read anything you put up. I guess I’m not a lot of help because I literally check every single box in both questions. I love you guys, keep doing what your doing, it’s fantastic!”

    Aww, thanks 🙂

  • Another Lady from Oxford, Ohio suggests

    “Learning about the different types of people within our community of amazing people would be really interesting. Not just those working at The Pandora Society but also those crafters, makers, entertainers. It would be interesting to know more about them, how they got started, what inspires them, and what they might be doing for a real day job if they have to have one and how this aspect of their life might affect that.”

    We love this idea, in fact we’d been thinking of setting up a regular interview spot with various members of the wider community.

  • A Chap from Dayton, Ohio suggests . . .

    “I am an avid model railroader, but I don’t expect to see any articles on it, unless there are a LOT of people like minded, there are plenty of forums open to RR people.”

    We can see a great possibility for more model making articles, especially since the Steampunk Symposium is the “Birthplace of RC Dirigible Races.” 🙂

  • Right, a few things…You’re missingthe word “know” in the second option of the terms and agreement section of your form.

    Methinks you would also benefit from having a box at the end for further comment or “tell us a bit about yourself” or something.

  • There’s been more than one room party I’ve left due to there being no Diet soda available (being a diabetic I can’t keep drining alcahol and sugar laden sodas all night). I don’t usually plan to leave it for good, but often by the time I find some diet soda, I’ve either happened upon another party, or just ended up back in my own room, too tired to go out again. So I’m very happy to see that there are those who think about the needs of people like me in their party planning.

    • Having spent a chunk of my life keeping Kosher, having a parent with blood sugar issues and vegetarians in my life taught me a lot. Plus my folks threw tons of house parties when I was a kid. They were the ones who taught me to always have options for all folks.

  • Also do not forget that music is also a big driver for people to enter a room party. I will concede that there have been parties where music was technically unneeded, but there was a good reason for that. Also keep the music basic, nothing to hardcore metal, or to slow jazz, I know a dj who was told to play the entire billboard 500 just because of how diverse the entire quest population was. So play to your crowd, music should help create the atmosphere of the party, not hinder it.

  • I shall buy a can of gold spray paint and carry it with me always!

  • I am not sure this was a “costume” contest. First place only discussed the persona and gave no details on the costume. Second place had some nice puppets. I am sure they are both wonderful people, but neither had a costume the equal of many of the other contestants who obviously spent a lot of time, effort, and probably money on their costume. It was a nice popularity contest, but in no way a costume contest.

    • It is true that there is a matter of popularity when it comes to an online voting contest, but we felt that this was as democratic as we could make it. For many costume contests at conventions there are judges who will deliberate over the costume entries, but we wanted to let the Pandora Society readers decide the winner. Perhaps for future contests will have another prize for the Editor’s Choice . . . or something like that.

    • Actually, your comment has inspire a change in the contest procedure. We now have dual opportunities to win . . . the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice. For this new contest we recruited the help of the famous Thomas Willeford 🙂

  • No offense taken Gonz, it is a hard sell to convince people of the movie’s merits . . . it’s mostly that it COULD have been so great! If they had stuck with the original script it might have been a much better story, but that’s a whole other article in the making.

  • Not to mention that the eye of harmony is actually on Galifrey! They’re still trying to fix that one 🙂

  • SO happy there are choices for non-meat eaters like me (besides a salad) !!!!!!!! Squee!!!!

  • The earliest attempts at laying a transatlantic cable met with a strange problem. Pieces of metal that looked like spikes kept turning up as if they had been driven into the cable with a hammer by a saboteur. In Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne had Captain Nemo imply, but never state, that he had driven those spikes into the cable.

  • I should point out that I am not related to that Pike. And, I’m not related to that other Pike, either.

    An interesting thing, Zebulon Montgomery Pike was so famous, such a rock star of his time, that for generations, anyone with Pike for a last name was likely to have a Zebulon in the family.

  • I like this one. Hope it wins!

  • This one to me would be an all around gun. Compact and easy to take anywhere. I like!

  • Pretty AND efficient! I want!

  • “Of all the classic cocktail books few tell as good a story as Charles H. Baker’s “The Gentleman’s Companion: Being an Exotic Drinking Book or Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask”, first published in 1939. The book chronicles his adventure traveling the world, sampling its finest cocktails. He offers a recipe for just about every cocktail along with an interesting tale to go with it. The prose of his words make it worth the read but the cocktails can be heavy-handed at times. Choice libations can be found within the book, one simply need to adjust them for modern spirits and tastes.

    Erik Adkins, bar manager at San Francisco’s Heaven’s Dog, based the entire cocktail menu from Charles’ book, proving it has merit. The first drink to catch my eye on their menu was “Remember the Maine.” This fine rye drink leaves a complex layer of tastes from the Cherry Heering and a dash of absinthe.

    Upon returning from Heaven’s Dog, I found it to be a strange twist of fate when I opened my own copy of Charles’ book to find that I had bookmarked the exact page on which this recipe lay. Mr. Baker writes, “REMEMBER the MAINE, a hazy memory of a night in Havana during the unpleasantness of 1933, when each swallow was punctuated with bombs going off on the Prado, or the sound of 3″ shells being fired at the hotel NACIONAL, then haven for certain anti-revolutionary officers”. This is in reference to the coup led by General Batista in Cuba in 1933. Interestingly enough, the name of the drink itself is in reference to the USS Maine which sank in the Havana harbor in 1898 when some of its ammunition inexplicably exploded. To this day, the cause of the explosion is still debated, however, this event precipitated the Spanish–American War and popularized the saying “Remember the Maine, the Hell with Spain!”

    Remember the Maine (adaptation)
    “Treat this one with the respect it deserves, gentlemen” – Charles H Baker

    2 oz rye
    3/4 oz sweet vermouth
    2 bar-spoons cherry heering
    1/2 bar-spoon absinthe

    “Stir briskly in clock-wise fashion—this makes it sea-going, presumably!” From:

  • I vote for Chloe Seachord’s Aerial Maneuvering Equipment

  • For some reason, I cannot vote, so I am voting for Zachariah Flint for the Western Steampunk competition! Thank you!

  • That show rocked!

  • I remember the show from reruns. UFO was shown sporaticly in my area but show was great. Wish hey would run it again.

  • You were the 8th Doctor!??? Man, I must have missed you! He’s one of my favorites, and I love that movie! I wish more had been done with it. I hope you’ll cosplay as him again, I’d love to see it!

  • I came across this article by accident: looking for source material for making my own 8th Doctor cosplay. Your article has helped me immensely, at least now I know where I can really find the stuff I need to finish it. Thank you!

  • Howdy,
    My name is Spark Mendes and I have recently started a Steampunk group based in Southern California. What would I need to do in order to promote my group on your site here?

    Spark Mendes

  • I always liked Ivanova. She was one of the main reasons I watched B5. thanks for bringing back sweet memories. Ivanova is always right.

  • Ah, yes! There was that glorious day that I punched out an enormous guardian bear, while my companions were all still fumbling with their weapons. I killed him with one bvare-fisted blow, then tripped on the step down into the dungeon and broke my neck. Even the GM never saw it coming (he’d only put the step in for nuisance value) and he’d described the whole chamber to me before I made that awful roll.

  • So there I was, 1988 Superman Expo in Cleveland, Oh. I had been to a few small comic and trek shows, but this was my first large convention. I saw, met, and talked to people who up until that time were just credits in books and movies. I met Noel Neill (Lois Lane) for the first time. Listened to Kirk Alyn (The first person to play Superman on screen) tell great stories about filming the two serials he was in. Had Harlan Ellison come up and tease me about getting Curt Swan’s autograph. And had a conversation with Maggie Thompson that changed my life. I was able to tell her so 20 years later.
    There was neat stuff happening everywhere. Some of the neat stuff that caught my attention was Mayfair Games doing demos of their games ran by the game designers. I played a few. As a longtime DC fan, one that I had to play was a DC heroes RPG. There was this table with buildings, roads, cars, trucks, and beautifully hand painted miniatures of the Teen Titans and the Justice League. One of the designers of the game who was going to be the Game Master asked if I wanted to play and I jumped at the chance. Before long there was about a half dozen of us playing the Teen Titans. All we knew was we were in this city and under attack. I’m not going to get into the full story involving Superman being captured by Mr. Mxyzptlk . Suffice to say, one of the Justice League would pop up and blast the hell out the Titans with whatever powers they had, just to disappear and be replaced by another Leaguer. At one point in the game we were all standing at an intersection when Green Lantern appears down the block. GL takes a random strike at one of the Titans. Everyone takes their turn. When it was my turn I say “Cyborg runs down the street toward Green Lantern.” The GM roles and says “OK”. I move my miniature down the street and place it between GL who is in the middle of the street and a parked car. GL makes another random blast against another random Titan. When it is finally my turn again I say, “Cyborg picks up this yellow Volkswagen and smashes Green Lantern.” The Game Master turns a little pale, pauses, and roles the dice. Turns a little more pale, pauses again, looks up and says, “Uuuuummmm …You killed Green Lantern… You win.” It wasn’t how he designed the game to be won.
    Kicker #1: I walked by the table later in the day. The yellow Volkswagen was nowhere in sight.
    Kicker #2: I was telling this story to a new co-worker about 10 years later. He stopped me about half way through. Said a friend of his told him the same story 6 months earlier. This guy had been there, saw it happen, and was still telling people about it.
    Kicker #3: And this is the best part. I’m not a gamer. I just saw an opening no one else did and took it.

  • I now have a book to read! yay!

  • From My experience as a road-warrior (projects requiring 4-12 months spent “on the road”): pro-tip: empty “tic-tac” containers to hold basic spices.
    I’d replace the electric kettle with a 1 “burner” electric hot plate and camping style pot with fold away handles and a matching skillet. If you get the right size, you can pack the hot plate inside the pot and use the skillet as a “lid” when packing up. This give you both boiling water and the capability of cooking practically anything.
    Also, the “hobo tools” are amazing (they look like a swiss army knife that fold out and splits to become a knife/fork/spoon/can opener/ corkscrew combo. (make sure you get the stainless steel version!)
    As for food- the dried soup packets (“Bear Creek” ect) are your friends!
    Also, since you never know what food (if any) is going to be available when you finally get to the hotel, it’s always a good idea to have at least a box or two of “just add water” mac and cheese (the kind with the cheese packet, not the powder) and a handful of “instant oatmeal” packets.

  • My fav. Love the older Doctors!

  • Now I would love to have this lady as his companion. 🙂

  • I know, I know, a villain is not a companion, but I still like the lady for the companion, so I will add her to the villain section as well. 😮

  • Gary Barclay all the way!!!

  • Aloysius got me to watch Babylon 5 awhile back and it was one of the first scifi shows that I really got into. I had such a crush on Marcus.

    • You and me both, Ginny. I confess my crush is still strong. Im all a-twitter about possibly meeting Jason Carter at Pandoracon… I just hope I don’t make a complete fool of myself! (Maybe if I just offer him some Kraken’s Delight…)

  • Hello,
    My girls and I are interested in either a dealer booth or artist booth at steam punk symposium. I am not sure which we could fit in under. Both girls belong to a steam punk group. We have a clock parts, pocket watches, meters and odds and ends. My father bought out a clock repair shop years ago. He repaired pocket watches. He was a electoral engineer so we have tons of dials, meters from the early 60 and 70’s, We also have nasal canals and other stuff to add a machine look to an outfit. we also have lots of costume jewelry from the 60 and 70’s. Please let me know if we can buy either table.

  • I love steampunk symposium!

  • Hello,
    I was wondering if you were going to post the pictures from the Doctor Who photo shoot on Saturday? I hope so!

    • We’re working on it, or rather Brian of Kollig Art is working on it, and he likes to get it “just right” before going public with his pictures 🙂

  • I do believe that this was the first movie I went by myself to see; I was 11 and expecting something like Star Wars, which this definitely is not. At the time I was just so confused and initially did not like this film, but upon later viewings I came to appreciate just how EPIC this is as a film. Thanks for sharing this with us Caelyn.

    • I understand what you mean, I’m sure that when I first saw it, I didn’t understand it half as well as I did after later viewings on home video. I ended up having a resurgance of interest in the movie much later on when I was introduced to a couple of techno/industrial songs by Eon, on his album Void Dweller. Two of the songs on that album (Spice and Fear is the Mindkiller) rely heavily on samples from Dune. Void Dweller on Wikipedia

  • I freakin love Dune, every book was epic. The kid did the last two and finally ended the saga brilliantly, along with all the prequel Butlerian Jihad books. Good stuff.

  • I remember that Dune was the first movie I saw with another boy, almost a date. We each payed for our own ticket and I bought my own soda, but he bought the popcorn and candy and we shared. Our fingers would graze each other through the buttery goodness and I’d blush. That being said, I remember the movie well. I had just finished the book. My folks said that if I was going to see it I needed to read it first. At close to 14 years of age it was a harder read than almost anything I’d tackled yet. But I read it and loved it. I still love the movie, despite the “flaws” in the story. I loved the imagery, the costuming, the acting. I thought it fabulous. I loved the blue on blue eyes of the Fremen. Heck, to this day whenever I add cinamon to something I, at least in my head, think “The spice is life.” I even had a mouse named Mua’ Dib, alas the cat ate the mouse. I used to have a stuffed worm, yes I know weird, that I named Shai Hulud. Now and then we’ll lob Dune lines at each other, Sebastian and I… Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  • Hello all!
    My name is Victory Daring, (aka Virginia Meyer) I have just recently joined this site, and must say, I am quite enjoying it! I do not belong to a group, yet, but hope to be starting one soon! First thing that I would like to do after my girlfriends and I are done hosting our first Steampunk event! I have been reading your website a taking notes! Lol! Thank you very much for hosting this site! I am looking forward to more fun an exciting reading!

  • Hello,
    I am with the Kingsley Inn in Fort Madison, Iowa. We would like to reach out to your group so we might be able to show you how perfect our Inn would be for your next overnight venue/meeting. The Inn is decorated in the style of the mid-nineteenth century, each room has its own feel and antiques. We also maintain three different lounge/breakout spaces. The Inn is located directly across from the mighty Mississippi River and is in walking distance from the old locomotives that are open for touring.

    Please feel free to check out our website at http://www.kingsleyinn@com, or just give us a call at 319-372-8747.

  • I used to listen to a radio station in the 80’s that played x minus one. I had forgotten all about it.

  • oh, yes, one of my favorite ‘B’ movies!

  • Thanks so much for posting this!

  • Great review. Check out the fan site at

  • A buzzsaw mk 2. I would freaking love to go to this.

  • Nerf BuzzSaw Ball Blaster!

  • Nerf Buzzsaw Ball Blaster!

    • Awwww – just went to their website and it says the minimum age is 8 – my son is 7 🙁

  • Might as well snag spot five and go with my sis? Nerf Buzzsaw Ball Blaster :p

  • Nerf Buzzsaw Ball Blaster painted by Aloysius Fox

  • Congratulations to the five of you . . . your names will be on the will-call list at the event 🙂

    AND as a bonus! You all got two tickets each 😀

  • Nerf N-Strike Maverick!

  • Nerf N-Strike Maverick

  • Those are totally Maverick style

  • Nerf N-Strike Maverick

  • Congratulations to all four of you, despite this contest being for the first three, ALL FOUR of you have won a pair of tickets to the event; your names will be on the will-call list 🙂

  • Rebelle blaster! Painted by a Mr. Fox.

  • sweet revenge

  • Congratulations to the both of you! Your names will be on the will-call list to the World’s Largest NERF Battle next week 🙂

  • Just saw “This Way to the Egress” at Steampunk Unlimited in PA. They were FANTASTIC! I’m sorry I missed them at Symposium 2011.

  • Go Splinter! Fantastic costume!

  • Every time itry to go to I get redirected to some April lady’s site. I even tried to Google the article and found a Buzzfeed article referencing it with a link, that link gets redirected as well.

  • Hurrah! I see what you did there 🙂

    Hindenburg + Titanic = Hindentanic

    Very witty indeed 🙂

  • Here’s another good one from the show “2 Broken Girls” –

  • Nellie Bly was an amazingly brave and resourceful woman in a time when women were mostly seen and not heard. An excellent role model for young women of any age..

  • How does one go about putting together a “Steam Punk Alliance” or “airship”? I would love to, but not sure how to go about it!

  • Well, that’s no good. No good at all. To make up for it, Caelyn needs to get the rules for the submarine races together. Underwater RC ships in brass and glass will heal many a wound.
    I’m happy to consult.

  • I would like to register as a dealer/sutler. Will there be a venue for dealers?

  • Wonderful! Thoroughly kempt and stylish. A tip of the bowler to you.

  • Dear Pandora Society,

    I was wondering if any of your members, such as the Steampunk Librarian, are interested in reviewing my upcoming steampunk fantasy novel Hopebreaker. I can provide a paperback or ebook copy. I am also available for interview.


    In the world of Altadas, there are no more human births. The Regime is replacing the unborn with demons, while the Resistance is trying to destroy a drug called Hope that the demons need to survive.

    Between these two warring factions lies Jacob, a man who profits from smuggling contraceptive amulets into the city of Blackout. He cares little about the Great Iron War, but a chance capture, and an even more accidental rescue, embroils him in a plot to starve the Regime from power.

    When Hope is an enemy, Jacob finds it harder than he thought to remain indifferent. When the Resistance opts to field its experimental landship, the Hopebreaker, the world may find that one victory does not win a war.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Kind regards,

  • What a wonderful Christmas story. Made me feel all warm inside.

  • Does anyone have more pictures? I was hoping to see more pics of my Steampunk Klin-Santa outfit…or p[roof I was able to dance…

  • I haven’t read the later ones, I’m glad she’s getting back to the story

  • I visited several sites however the audio quality for audio songs existing at this web page
    is truly marvelous.

  • I watched all of the episodes available on netflix, and am truly sad it stopped where it did. I was pretty emotionally invested in the characters at that point: I want to know what happens to them! Several actors will be very recognizable to fans of other BBC shows such as Dr Who, and even though it is similar to other shows I found it different enough to be entertained.

  • IN 1848 Charles Fontayne and William Porter, captures a 2 mile stretch of Cincinnati with their technology, standing now where Newport on the Levee is.

    This Daguerreotype in on display at the Cincinnati Library,

  • Defiance on the scifi is pretty cool too.I wish I could attach some pix here.

  • In addition, if you are wondering about herbal “tea” coming from chamomile, jasmine, hibiscus, and others, these are referred to as tisanes and were more often applied as medicine than given the place of ritual honor reserved for true tea.

  • One potential clue is the name of “Father Patrick Oliver Embry”; his initials spell “POE”.

    Poe’s Law states, “Without a blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of extremism or fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

    And perhaps it’s a coincidence, but the very first Facebook post of a group whose initials are “DND” was about… Dungeons and Dragons.

    (It’s also a little odd that a group which boasts of being “off the grid” has a Facebook page).

    My vote is for “satire”.

    • Fantastic observation sir!

    • My group and I have researched these people. If this is satire it is elaborately conducted. Some of these people have had fb profiles from the beginning of Facebook. I’ve personally seen recounts of a 17 yr old girls interaction with this Father Embry. From 5 yrs ago. When she was 12. They claim social media outreach is their way of recruiting. Also, they seem to target fresh out of war ex-military. If this page, or any of the others, is satirical it has been a running joke for years. And extremely well executed. I have been on the fence about this group for months and only recently began to look into these claims. I really, really, hope to find nothing. And yet, I am pulling up records and profiles that say otherwise. But I do like your observations! Well spotted, sir!

  • Nice article! When I first got into this fabulous genre I was surprised by the comments I saw on facebook. There were so many people ready to give a strong (and so often negative) opinion about what other people had done. I wrote an article in response, called “Making it to the party early does NOT make it your party”. Check it out if you are interested!

  • still a better love story than 50 Shades! 😀

  • I was 7 or 8 when this movie came out and I watched it every single day for months! I wanted to be Sarah, or be like her to be exact. I wanted to wear makeup, fancy clothes and make my own decisions. I liked all the “magic” and shiny things in this movie, including David Bowie! I often felt bad for Hoggle. I just watched this movie over the summer with my kids and they could have cared less about the movie. They were distracted by other “shiny” things and the movie “magic” was a lot different then. Until I read this article, I never noticed those things. I see your POV, and I have a hard time dealing with it, but all the points that you made are clearly defined. Mixed feelings on this to say the least. It’s an “OMG what!? moment! The Never Ending Story was also a favorite of mine, and my dad will tell you that he thought it was indeed never ending.

  • So far an interesting article. I saw the movie in the theater when I was 11 and absolutely loved it. I wanted to escape to the Labyrinth and never go back. I never actually liked Sarah, she always seemed like an idiot to me. Nor did I like Hoggle, who I would have booted headfirst into the bog of eternal stench myself. I adored Jareth, he was cool, dressed great, was powerful and I definitely had a bit of a crush on the character even though he was a villain. In many ways the goblin king was villain light. He wasn’t your typical unlikable Evil villain, he was charming, charismatic, sang and danced. Yeah he had a bad side but you could almost see the character as having some type of fascinating back story and perhaps having a lot more bark than bite. However, him being the type of bad boy that a sensible woman should run screaming from does also seem fairly accurate. He’s definitely self absorbed, condescending, controlling and arrogant. He’s actually a bit like a petulant little boy at times. I’ll be curious to read the rest of your analysis.

  • This will be awesome.

  • I know in the old Vampire games we used to grasp our wrist with our hand to indicate out of character. However getting everyone on board for some kind of gesture might be difficult, though it’s the least invasive to a costume.

    Another way would be an inexpensive pin or something that would signify to a person that they are in character. Something tasteful. Ideas, I have them.

    As far as getting away from an in character situation. Asking them about an outfit or prop might ignite an in character explanation on how they got their super powered ray gun or time travel guide or whatever. In that case I would politely let them know you are interested in how they came about it in the real world, if it is something you are interested in.

    You also might just try being honest and polite and explain that you are not comfortable around role play but would like to discuss other things with them. Hopefully if done respectively there will be no hurt feelings and both sides can meet new people.

    I think most folks know they are in mixed company,not a larp (Live Action Role Play) and will respect your wish not to be barraged by role play if explained.

  • I have a friend who grew up in the Shelbyville, KY. area and he claims they do exist. I’m still sceptical though. And it isn’t just Steampunk that DotND bash. They’ve dedicated weeks to bashing Furries and Juggalos. The furry hate didn’t gain much momentum as most furries aren’t worried about hate speech spread by some FB page. Though their posts about the gas attack at MFF did boil my blood a little…

    • that’s the thing about trolls, don’t feed them. If you say something inflammatory online, and it upsets people, of course you’re going to continue milking that lolcow until something funnier comes along.

  • A beautiful story of redemption from technology and loneliness. Well done!

  • Mindy I love it! Good job! As always

  • Hello Aloysius Fox,

    I signed up to come to your event and have now checked out the list of events (?) but I am in the dark as far as what the event listings mean. I understand the hint for costumes to go with the specific locale, but I am not visualizing how these trip listings come to life at a convention.


    • The theme is a rather loose one, and one should definitely not feel pressured by it. Some performances and panels have been timed to fit the theme of the current country setting, but generally speaking the Symposium is a very laid back convention . . . while there is some immersion at play, this is not an immersive con.

  • Do we have to pre register for the workshops?

  • Delain is indeed a great band. However, this article has an error. Metropolis is NOT steampunk. It belongs to dieselpunk. Please correct.

  • You are correct about “Metropolis” falling into the DieselPunk genre, and amendments have been made 🙂

  • Thanks for speedy correction. I do have a question about the main topic of this article. I never could find in the article what makes Delain ‘steampunk.’ Addressing “hard topics” and having the “bravery to break out of the mold” doesn’t seem unique enough to the genre of steampunk to be a qualifying criteria.


  • Iron Sky! Yeah it’s corny as all get out but I love it 🙂

  • Very nice poster for this year’s event. Care to tell us who the rest of the crew are?


  • I will be a panelist during the Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance, and I’m very excited! Please notify me if any hotel vacancies become available.

  • It hasn’t ALWAYS been a King and a Queen that wore the crowns previously 😉

  • Though not mentioned, Harriet Beecher Stowe was a native Cincinnatian. For a bit more information, and notes about a couple of cool Cincinnati landmarks, check out:

  • Looking forward to it! 21 and over only please

  • Did anyone mention Tank Girl during the vote? I know it is a post-apocalyptic film, but it definitely blends the feel of punk, and both futuristic and diesel-driven tech.

  • I knew a man named Otis who invented a room
    And his heart was filled with pride.
    I said ” Mr. Otis, what does your room do?”
    He said “it goes from side to side.”
    I said ” Mr. Otis there’s a fortune to be found, you gotta take that room that moves from side to side, and make it go up and down.” – “Good Advice “– Alan Sherman.

  • They continue to spread hate though I also lean that this is satire in the poorest taste. It lacks intelligent humor and only serves to hurt. Not cool bro. I hope they aren’t real. Westboro Baptists are enough crazy in the world. We don’t need more nuts like this- small in number though they may be.

  • These people are hateful. The claim to speak the word of god but if you go on their Facebook, they are constantly attacking and calling others names.

  • Hello, my name is Ryan. I am intrigued by Steampunk and have always wanted to go to a convention. Do I have to be a part of a group in order to attend? I saw the info on the upcoming event and would like to go. Thank you for your time.
    Ryan Bertke

    • Ryan, the Symposium is open to anyone 🙂

      The are one day tickets for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or you can get a Weekend pass and save money.

  • Aloysius Fox, thank you for the info.

  • I am also interested in learning more about Steampunk. And would like to go on Friday but have a concern. Are attendees required to be in Steampunk attire?

    • The NO requirement to wear Steampunk attire . . . we’re just happy that you want to be there 🙂

  • Does one need to sign up for these workshops??? I fear they will be quite popular and don’t want to be left out.

  • Sounds amazing! I met some of the attendees while shopping at Jungle Jims yesterday. Very sorry I missed the event this year, but promise The First Doctor will be there next year, in all his arrogant glory!

  • Mines not Steampunk. Elizabeth Shrewsbury (Bess of Hardwick)…probably the second wealthiest woman in England in the Renaissance. She amassed a fortune of money and land by being ‘canny’ about the estates of deceased husbands wealth and last will and testaments. In an age where women were second class citizens compared to men (apart from the Queen of course) she became a powerful and wealthy woman thanks to her exes. Truly a most formidable woman.

  • Hedy Lamarr. Not only much better looking than me; but much, much, smarter.

  • There are plenty of Saturday morning television shows that I look back on fondly but when I watch them nowadays makes me feel like, to borrow from John Nathan Turner, the memory cheats.

    Case in point: Shazam! I remember this series to have been pretty good but when I recently watched an episode on YouTube, I couldn’t get past how plodding and formulaic the show was. It was like having that dog you had growing up as a child turn into a withered old man with a crabby attitude and incontinence.

    And don’t even get me started on the Krofft shows. I still cringe at the thought that I wanted to watch the Bay City Rollers and Sigmund & The Sea Monsters.


  • I first saw Nerfpunk out west at KamikazeCon. We (my wife, Pip, and I) were hanging out with members of the League of STEAM when a Nerfpunker joined us for lunch. The visit made an impression and inspired this short story.

    Still very proud of this podcast. It was good fun to produce.

  • I remember there being at least one Klingon there – even if he showed up slightly late to the dance…

  • Great article on the movie. I have started nicknaming the movie “Furiosa: Fury Road” because it seems a bit more accurate. Good choice on the photos to illustrate the article. According to an article I read yesterday , the movie performed well enough at the box office that a sequel is guaranteed.

    • Furiosa: Fury Road is redundant. Furiosa is Fury. The Story is Mad Max traveling on Furiosa’s road.

  • Please, send me info as soon as the applications for the vending are available.
    Thank you!

  • Please notify me when the vendor application is available.

    Thank you

  • What a great tutorial! These will work well at our Ren faire for fantasy weekend! Thanks!

  • We would very much like to apply to join the Merchant Bazaar for Symposium 2016! How do we get started? I couldn’t find a link to the application.

  • These are also on DVD. I have them. Such a phenomenal series. Very dark in its context. Although ‘Assignments’ feature children, it’s not Doctor Who. It was meant for an adult audience.

  • Can we buy tickets at the door?

  • I should have clicked the notification earlier so please reply here.
    Will tickets be available at the door or should they be purchased in advance?

  • This Sunday marks a difficult time for someone close to my heart. He lost his father due to a massive heart attack. Ryan’s Father was a regular vender, from my understanding a common fixture among Highland’s unique brood. His name is Michael Stewart, a crafter of leather and other fine materials. I ask the Pandora society, if anyone knew, shared time or has photographs of Michael, to please contact me. I know his son will need more to help remember his Father, how he would surrounded by the wonder and excitement of the Faire.
    thank you for any help you could direct.
    From one passionate lover of life to Another.
    Dana Kubinsky

  • I saw this show at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in August and it was AMAZING. I spent weeks imagining how I would stage it if I ever got the chance. If you want a full story synopsis or want to see some pics from another production you can check out my post,

  • Hey guys!

    What do you think about my Cyberpunk Music Clip “Stimmenmodulator”?

  • Thank you for sharing the news of Sir Nicholas Winton, I had heard of him before but people like this always slip behind the scenes again. It is always good to remember what people have done to protect people in all countries.

  • ” the closer we come to the end of fossil fuels, the higher the prices rise…Affordable heavier than air travel will disappear with our oil reserves.”

    Fossil fuels are not even close to exhaustion by any stretch of the imagination, which makes this nothing more than a flight of fancy(all pun intended). Though I would fancy a travel in a dirigible as much as any steampunk fan, it is ridiculous to expect a resurgence of dirigibles as primary means of transportation due to imminent exhaustion of fossil fuels, which is not one bit imminent, and even if it were, it’s not likely that we could power dirigibles without them.

  • Aw, thiѕ was a really good post. Tɑkіng
    the time and actual effort to make a superb article…
    but what can I ѕay… I procrastinate a whole lot аnd never seem to get
    nearly anything done.

  • The Big Bang Theory… the Nerd Minstrel Show.

  • Good read. I was on the show so it’s nice to see something positive about it. Thank you.

  • What a shame! I would have loved to see it just to see everyone’s own personal representation. Sounds like perhaps there is a contingency of INSECURE ELITISTS (?) who are being threatened. Makes me wonder if they make up the “Purists” of their area. But then again, the genre is fantasy and so there is no historical documentation, illustrations or photographs like there is for the 19th century, that must be duplicated for authenticity. And this comes from a long-time historical re-enactor (now Time Traveler) who has enjoyed entertaining and educating the general public from medieval 14th century English/Welsh longbowmen, a colonial French-Canadian Courier de bois with a native wife and “mixed blood” kids.

    Presently, I have traveled to the American borderstates and have become a southern Presbyterian, small town doctor from Danville, not far from Louisville. After lending my medical background “so as to keep taking care of my grown up boy,” a group of us fell in with General Pike as he was marching through the Danville/Louisville Kentucky countryside. Why I even attended the University of Translyvania right there on one of Louisville’s main streets. It’s true, look it up! And Mary Todd Lincoln was also born and raised a few blocks from the university and her home is still standing.

    Steampunkers aren’t the only ones coming up with a historical background/1st person personas…only now, I don’t have to rely on actual & documented historical events. But it sure has been fun bringing my 19th century medical background into my Steampunk presentation.

    PS: no we didn’t operate on anyone without using Ether or Chlorophorm. And for pain maintainence, we not only used Kentucky Whiskey, but many of the men preferred the immediate pain relief from our opiates like morphine and opium. And people think the 1960s created a major drug addiction. Laudenum would become the “miracle drug” found in practically every household for every ailment, young & old. And would become a favorite “pick me up” for the women folk of the era and on into the early 1900s.

  • Wonderfully well written and a nail on the negativity coffin I hope! We need more exposure to survive because, let’s face it, we are barely supporting each other let alone artist on this show!

  • What is the correlation of the musical scales? Is this an attempt to reconcile ideas about the Music of the Spheres with actual physical laws?

  • Goodyear and other rubber support companies brought my would-be forefathers to Akron to build tires. With Corporate still here, Goodyear continues to be a force in the area.

    Various polymer technologies are very much alive and kicking here in town, and our local universities bring out polymer firsts every year.

    Now, being one who sells leather, and that rubber did take away some of MY business, I don’t mind too much.. At least its compatible with steampunk and aviation life 🙂

  • I’m a local artist and have made 12 masks inspired by the Chinese zodiac and steampunk. I’m looking for a room in town to do a photo shoot and have looked in countless churches, historic homes, the Opera House and a few breweries. Can you suggest some place I may have missed? I’m thinking Olde world library so maybe a law office or university library. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

  • This is a fantastic article. I do domestic violence counseling and I’m actually going to start incorporating Labyrinth into what I teach them. Thanks!

  • Good article. Is there a more extensive list of books for this genre?

  • This was an interesting post. I think it’s important to examine and study black speculative fiction. Still, I disagree with Ofeibea Loveless’s idea that all of the aforementioned texts are part of Afrofuturism. Some, I’d argue, are part of AfroSurrealism.

  • I too track historical events with a steampunk penchant. I’m very happy to have found you.

  • You may call me Dae (day)
    I would love to get into a Steampunk society if I had someone to teach it to me. I used to do vampire role play which was more of a lifestyle…my sister and I loved it. She past from bbreast cancer…im searching…. how would one find such a community in their area?

  • The Martian Missile by David Grinnell (1959). Half of an Ace double novel. An Earthman gets involved in an interstellar war which reaches its conclusion on Pluto.

  • A short story by Larry Niven called “Wait It Out”. An astronaut is stranded on Pluto, decides to remove his helmet but doesn’t die. He becomes superconducting and continues to think only to “fall asleep” when warmed by the sun each rotation of the planet.

  • I and my husband would like more information about your group or groups in the area. We are new to steampunk and would like to know more about what goes on near us. Thank you

  • Excellent post Chris. Love the last line!
    Digital theatre is something I haven’t delved into yet.
    I love the London West End shows especially the musicals. It it very expensive but always fabulous. Hard to imagine having the same inexpedience with my tablet or phone.

  • What a lot of words to say you don’t like it, but good job on explaining, in exhaustive detail, why. It wouldn’t be a critique if it were all roses, but it was actually a quite good, if unorthodox episode. The Doctor is not a god, after all, or if he is, a mischievous and fallible one. You’ve got to take into account that the Doctor is about as cross as the Doctor gets, and when the Doctor gets cross, he routinely crosses lines. My opinion is that there was more win than lose in this episode. The best and most ‘Doctory’ thing about it: he takes over the whole damned planet only to leave. That much was brilliant. Prophecies routinely redefine words; every prophecy worth its salts is cryptic and stretches the meaning of words commonly taken for granted. Yes, he shoots a general, but he wasn’t being the Doctor at that moment. “I can’t be the Doctor all the time,” suggests he was teetering on the edge of becoming the War Doctor again, but as usual it’s Clara who reels him back moments before he forgets everything about her. Overall, it was a wonderful finale for a really great series.

    As for being out-of-character for using a gun:

  • Ah, Freedonia. Where women can be doctors, writers, actors. At least if her name is Martha Jones.

  • Wrong wrong wrong. Gustav Whitehead flew in 1901. The Wrights Family Trust made a deal with the Smithsonian, that if the museum got the Wrights’ plane, the Smithsonian is banned from ever mentioning Mr. Whitehead and how the Writes were second.

  • Greetings from the Louise Brooks Society, located at It seems as though we have a little something in common.

    best regards,

    thomas gladysz
    Director, LBS

  • I went there in 2014 and it was a totally splendid time. An insider tip for those wishing to travel there, while Lincoln is accessible by rail it takes a long time and you have to transfer. I accidentally missed the first evening’s frivolities because I underestimated the time involved. I have a bunch of photos posted from the marketplaces if you want to check em out 🙂 There was also tons of great costume,

  • I didn’t find Buffy until my youngest went to middle school and she had it on one morning. (Yes rerun) What caught my eye was not a strong female lead (which was there) but a half naked spike! Now I’m not dissing Buffy but spike… SERIOUSLY!!! I’ve watched and rewatched every episode but by far I much prefer the ones with spike. (He’s on Angel too). HOW can anyone possibly forget THE love scene and building they demolished? It was listed as hottest somewhere but I don’t remember the venue, but!!! Now I personally didn’t find these gems until after they were gone but I did have the pleasure of taking a pic with James Marsters (spike) at Philadelphia wizard world in 2013. OMG. You wanna talk vampires…SPIKE!!!

  • I can agree with you on so many of these things. I was lulled by Bowie’s Jareth. I hadn’t seen Labyrinth till I was about… 18 or 19. I could appreciate everything that was in the movie, the thought and dedication put into it.
    Bowie will forever be my dream guy as Jareth. (Minus the manipulative, abusive, narcissistic tendencies). He was good looking, he could sing.. and not to mention that cod piece..
    I am saddened by his passing, but I can only be happy that I had the chance to live on the earth while he lived on it, too. I may not have known of him till I was 18/19, and being only 23, I still have so much to discover about him and his music.
    I can also only be happy to know he was able to pass away peacefully, surrounded by family.

    Rest in peace, Goblin King.

  • Very interesting. I really enjoy the history posts.

  • Is there a con rate for the second hotel?

  • Wheelworks: Ice Domes of the Bandit Queen – Episode 9: The Lawless

    When will there be more of this series?

  • Excellent analysis! The first time I watched Labyrinth as an adult, I picked up on Jareth’s textbook emotional abuse right away, so I Googled “Labyrinth emotional abuse” to see if anyone else had noticed it. I’d certainly never analyzed it this far, and now I appreciate this film on a deeper level than ever before. Thanks for the read. 🙂

  • Why does nux have to die? Lame

  • I teach American Colonial Lifestyles, and I can believe every one of these remedies. One of my favorites was a cure for piles – hemorrhoids.

    Two ounces of liquid squeezed from fresh mares dung, sweetened with quince water, to be taken every morning.

    To treat a toothache, take a small piece of cow manure and mix it with salt and whiskey. Wrap in a small cloth, and apply to the affected tooth.

    My dentist said there is a small amount of primitive penicillin in any manure and salt does cleanse wounds. Enough whiskey and you won’t care one way or another. When the alternative was a trip to the blacksmith to have the thing yanked out with pliers, you were probably up for just about anything.

  • The word “retrofuturism,” combines more recent ideas of nostalgia and retro with older traditions of futurism. An early use of the term was in the title of T.R. Hinchcliffe’s Pelican book

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