Abney Park – “The Wrong Side”


Abney Park was formed by Robert Brown in 1997. They released their first full-length album Abney Park in 1998, and in 1999 they released Return to the Fire. Their third album “Cemetery Number 1” drew from their first two albums as well as introducing several new songs.

In the early years of Abney Park, the band featured a gothic musical and visual style, which culminated with their 2002 release From Dreams Or Angels. Their songs “The Change Cage,” “Black Day,” and “No Life,” reached number one on the Industrial, Darkwave, and Black Metal music charts, respectively.

In 2005, the band released Taxidermy, which is a collection of new versions of songs from past albums, three live tracks and two covers. In 2006, the release of the album The Death of Tragedy marked the beginning of a major change for the band, as their music departed from a goth/pagan sound to a more world music/fusion one.

Abney Park’s signature tune is without a doubt “Airship Pirates” from the 2008 album Lost Horizons, but today we present to you a fan made video for the “The Wrong Side” taken from the 2006 album The Death of Tragedy.

Abney Park circa 2005

Abney Park circa 2005

The video was posted on October 12th, 2007 by Wyldelf, and was originally intended as a trailer commercial for the event “A Clockwork Fantasy” that featured a performance by Abney Park, however, since it’s debut seven years ago, this very low budget video has stood the test of time as being a good introduction to the Steampunk community and its many tropes . . . plus it’s a great Abney Park song that tends to get over shadowed by their later work.




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