A truly addicting heroine, Taversia, at the International Steampunk Symposium

Over the weekend at the Eastgate Holliday Inn, the attendees were treated to a number of special guests. Ghost Hunter Grant Wilson and his partner in Rather Dashing Games, Michael Richie, were on hand to sign copies of their new novel Brotherhood of the Strange, book one of the Kingship: Tales of the Aether series. Frenchy and the Punk performed Friday night and Sunday afternoon and Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire entertained Saturday night with Atlanta’s Dr. Q DJ’ing.

 TaversiaUnbeknownst to most attendees, Chicago’s superhero, the Crimson Catalyst, was in attendance in her secret identity, Taversia.

Taversia is an author and model and now lives in Indiana. So she no longer dons the crimson costume to go out and fight hunger on the streets of Chicago. While living in Chicago she would assume her Crimson Catalyst identity and take food to the homeless on the streets there. She wanted to bring attention to homelessness and hunger but not to put herself forward for the attention so she wore the costume as an anonymous attention getter.

Now she spends her time writing novels and, occasionally modeling. She has two novels out, Viscountess and Countess. Her novels involve the fall and rise of the heroine of her story in a post apocalyptic world. In the first novel, her airship is shot down and she is forced to fight her way back up to her former status and on to glory.

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