A Much Needed Hotel Exit Plan

messy roomIt’s Sunday morning of the convention, but really it’s drawing closer to noon, your head is sore from that epic room party last night, and suddenly you realize that you need to pack and check out of your hotel room! You jump up and frantically throw everything into your suitcases, and then pour it back out again when you realize that the outfit you planned on wearing that day is at the bottom. Everything is packed in a flash, but all the hotel luggage carts are as rare as some soon to be extinct beast, and then there’s endless wait for an elevator only to find that it’s already jammed pack with other people looking like refugees escaping a war, and THAT bugger who found a cart . . .

Does this experience sound familiar to you? When enjoying a really great convention it is all too easy to forget that come Sunday the dreamland that is Con must come to an end, and unless you are prepared, packing and leaving in a rush is a crappy way to end a fun weekend. Many Con Veterans will agree that you need an Exit Plan.

Messy HotelFor some it is as simple as getting late check out from the hotel’s front desk, but this is not always guaranteed and will depend on how many people are checking into the hotel that evening; those rooms need to be empty for hotel staff to clean them.

Clearly the most effective Convention Exit Plan relies on doing the lion’s share of the work on Saturday evening. This can be difficult as it requires a degree of self discipline which is all too easy to forget at a good convention, but there is an opportune window of time in what we’ve labelled the “sensible hours.” This period of time is approximately 7PM to 9PM.

If you are a sociable person you will most likely find yourself going to dinner with new and old “con friends,” and if you were saving your budget for just one dine out meal, THIS would be the one. It is after this meal that the sensible hours begin. Once everyone gets back to the hotel it is time to head to your room and prep for your Sunday escape!

Tony just can't decide which costume to wear for Sunday.

Tony just can’t decide which costume to wear for Sunday.

First pick out the remaining outfits that you are going to wear that weekend. Think in reverse, what are you going to be comfortable wearing for the drive home? What (if any) outfit are you going to wear on Sunday? Are you wearing a different outfit to the parties that night? The answers to these questions could lead to three or more changes of clothes.

Better to pack the car the night before . . .

Better to pack the car the night before . . .

Many people elect to wear their travel clothes for Sunday, which is a very sensible choice, but if you must have that one last costume, then it is best to keep your most relaxed and comfortable one for Sunday; you might spend hours in a car wearing that one come Sunday evening.

So Sunday’s clothes have been separated, along with the basics that you’ll need . . . so now it’s time to pack and move as much as you can back out to your vehicle, or at least have bags ready to go. Saturday evening you’ll avoid the elevator rush, you might even be able to capture a luggage cart, but most importantly you will be able to go to that Saturday night room party knowing that tomorrow morning has already been taken care of, freeing you to release your inner party beast and get the most out of that party or late night event.

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