Weekend Recommendations – October 30th, 2014

It’s another Halloween! But are you like many cosplayers and costumers who are ecstatic for the season, but then find themselves in a sort of costume-event paralysis about what to wear, or which of the many parties to choose? How many Halloweens have you just stayed at home and declared that Halloween is “amateur hour” for […]

Into the Laboratory

Ray guns, space gear, and alien war machines – Herr Döktor’s work is a superb example of Steampunk ingenuity and craftsmanship. Already a professional model-maker, the good Döktor found Steampunk challenged him in new and exciting ways, leading to a slew of weapons, props, and models inspired by Victorian science fiction. However, Herr Döktor wasn’t […]

This Day in History – October 30th, 1831

Have you ever considered what British History books would have said about George Washington had the revolution failed? Would a captured Washington have been tried as a traitor and a murderer? Would he have been hanged? Would his lifeless body have been flayed, beheaded and quartered to set an example for other would be “traitors” in […]

The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 32: Interviews from Epic Con – Part One!

We have quite a few interviews from Epic Con coming your way! In this installment, we speak with con goers and vendors and ask them “The Question.” We spoke to quite a few people over the weekend and had a blast doing it! Today’s music is “Mega Blast Electron [mega Man 2/Rocket Man 2-Title Screen Remix] […]

Another Top Five List of Steampunk Music Videos

Last week we revealed a Top Five list of steampunk music videos as voted by active members of The Pandora Society Facebook Group, and promoted it via several social media venues and groups. Generally, the list was very well received, but unsurprisingly there were many who were disappointed that certain bands and performers did not […]

“ScreamPunk” Contest – Two More Days Left!

Ladies and Gentlemen, with only two more days left of voting in our “ScreamPunk” Costume Contest here are the current results of the Popular Vote . . . Clockwork Cthulhu falls back to Third Place. Mary Ann the Barbarian slips to Second Place. Steampunk Sally leaps forward to claim First Place! Voting ends on Halloween at Midnight (EST) and the […]

This Day in History – October 29th, 1929

Four days of the week are named after Nordic gods: Thor has Thursday, Odin has Wednesday, Frida has Friday, and Tuesday is named in honor of Tiw, the destructive god of war, often equated with the Roman god Mars. It therefore seems apt that October 29th, 1929 was a Tuesday as a destructive force swept across […]

Voodoo Carnival 2015 – Vendor Application

This coming year the Voodoo Carnival is going to the biggest one ever as we cross the streams of Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras! Cincinnati’s best Mardi Gras Masquerade cannot be contained in just one room so we’ve taken over the whole house . . . the show will span all three performance spaces at the […]

This Day in History – October 28th, 1886

On the afternoon of October 28th, 1886, a ceremony of dedication was held for the Statue of Liberty. “President Grover Cleveland, the former New York governor, presided over the event. On the morning of the dedication, a parade was held in New York City; estimates of the number of people who watched it ranged from several […]

SWFL Steampunks – Naples, Florida

We are a new group in the southwestern corner of the state of Florida, with very few members. The age demographic here does not support much in the way of fringe culture, but we are determined to change that! Our area is already home to a known steampunk author, two steampunk bands, and a touring […]

“ScreamPunk” Contest Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, after three days of voting in our “ScreamPunk” Costume Contest here are the current results of the Popular Vote . . . Third Place – a tie between Annabel Lee and Steampunk Sally Second Place – Clockwork Cthulhu First Place – Mary Ann the Barbarian Voting ends on Halloween at Midnight (EST) and the results will be first announced […]

This Day in History – October 27th, 1904

The New York City Subway has 468 stations, 842 miles of track, and in 2013 gave 1.71 billion rides and its usage is on the increase, but it started with one line. At 2:35 on the afternoon of October 27th, 1904, New York City Mayor George McClellan took the controls on the inaugural run of the […]