Crazy Horses

This past weekend the Beechmont Players of Cincinnati opened their latest production, Crazy Horses by Mark Norman. This satirical British comedy is set in a chaotic version of heaven, where efficiency experts recommend God restructure the Department of the Apocalypse. But the three horsemen and one horsewoman — Famine, War, Death and Plague — don’t take […]

“ScreamPunk” Costume Contest – Queen of the Wasteland

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we present to you our latest entry for the October “ScreamPunk” Costume Contest . . . Bernadette Bumpers of Tampa, Florida as Queen of the Wasteland. When the Apocalypse happened, only a few of the baddest, strongest and most confident women survived… Only a few of them emerged to lead the others… Only one stood as the Queen […]

“ScreamPunk” Costume Contest – Clockwork Cthulhu

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we present to you our latest entry for the October “ScreamPunk” Costume Contest . . . Brett King of Cary, North Carolina as Clockwork Cthulhu. Deep beneath the ocean lies the ancient city of R’lyeh, where the mighty Cthulhu is imprisoned, feeding off the anxieties of mankind. While he waits, he has sent an emissary to the […]

This Day in History – October 22nd, 1883

Sometimes referred to as “the old Met”, the Metropolitan Opera House opened on October 22nd, 1883, with a performance of Faust. It was located at 1411 Broadway, occupying the whole block between West 39th Street and West 40th Street on the west side of the street in the Garment District of Midtown Manhattan. Nicknamed “The […]

CCA Ports of Presence (POP) Stability in question

Dr. Dane, the Circle City Aerodrome Boffin Corps Administrator and Lead Sciences Development Adviser to the CCA Founders Board, has issued an all Port of Presence (POP) statement:   “The recent increase of portal instability incidents is being investigated. These incidents are in no way a threat to commercial or personal travelers using CCA facilities.    […]

Even More FREE Tickets to the World’s Largest NERF Battle!

On October 25th, an unthinkable barrage of foam darts will rain upon the grounds of the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hasbro Toys, the Child Wellness Fund, and Guinness World Records have joined forces to stage the world’s largest NERF battle* and raise money for charity. When: Saturday, October 25th, 2014 – 10AM – 12PM (Check-in begins at […]

“ScreamPunk” Costume Contest – Madame BOOBerry

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we present to you our latest entry for the October “ScreamPunk” Costume Contest . . . Jessica Hopsicker of Cincinnati, Ohio as Madame BOOBerry. I am the wife of cereal tycoon Boo Berry. I married him for his fortune, he married me for my bosom. We weren’t always ghosts. It was a murder- suicide. The skirt and […]

This Day in History – October 21st, 1854

The Crimean War began in October 1853 over disputes about the rights of Christian minorities in the Holy Land, which was controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The conflict was between Russia and an alliance of France, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, and Sardinia. The French promoted the rights of Catholics, while Russia promoted those of the Orthodox Christians. […]

More Tickets to the World’s Largest NERF Battle!

On October 25th, Cincinnati will be hosting an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest NERF Battle in the world . . . learn more about the event HERE, but to get two FREE tickets to the event carry on reading this page Ticket Give Away! Leading up the event we are […]

South Florida Steamers! – Miami, Florida

Most of the groups in Florida are much further north but South Florida has its own steamy contribution to the aesthetic. This is a place for those who wish to actively bring back Steampunk to South Florida! We are in the midst of scheduling activities and meet ups for the group that correspond with current […]

This Day in History – October 20th, 1873

  On this day in 1873, four American universities, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Rutgers published their first draft of American Football rules. The game, simply known as football in the United States, evolved from the sport rugby. The first American football game was played on November 6, 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton. The game was […]

Sunday Summary – October 19th, 2014

So what did you miss this week? Monday, October 13th, the Meridian Line was established in 1884, Rose Jackson entered the “ScreamPunk” Contest, we featured Airship Cavalier from Maryland, and had the first of three installments of The Uncommon Geek podcast with Episode 29.   Tuesday, October 14th, the University of the Punjab opened its doors in 1882, […]