Airship Curiosity – Dayton, Ohio

Airship Curiosity houses the main body of Calamity Labs, purveyors of all types of wondrous and amazing artifacts of around the world. The ship is helped maintained by several ghostly specters, the captain, Sir Phineas P. Phunderburg, has piloted this vessel since before his demise. The wonderful mad scientist, which by the way she doesn’t like […]

Time Travelers’ Ball – AUTOMATON

Are you ready to ROCK the Time Travelers’ Ball? AUTOMATON definitely are! AUTOMATON is THE steampunk power metal troupe. They’ve played national conventions and acts with their steampunk-themed costume and epic glory-seeking lyrics. Imagine a melodic metal sound in the vein of Kamelot and Sabaton mixed with the retro-futuristic mannerisms of Steampunk. Expect a high-energy and […]

Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – Two Days Left to Vote!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, with just two days left for voting here are the current leaders in our Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest. Best Goggles – The Cross Country Goggles are still in the lead, but Lady Piper’s Extravagant Peepers have bested the McCall Goggles for second place. Best Gun – The Steamthrower has reclaimed the lead, but the Kyote’s Aether Ray Gun is […]

This Day in History – July 31st, 1891

By 1914, Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Liberia were the only countries in the continent of Africa that managed to retain their independence; the other 90% was under European control. 44 years earlier it was the opposite way around with Europe controlling 10% of Africa, but starting in 1881, the “Scramble for Africa” began as New Imperialism swept […]

Airship Tempus Fugit – Batavia, Ohio

Airship Tempus Fugit was newly formed for the 2014 Steampunk Empire Symposium, and next year the Symposium will actually be held in their territory of the Eastgate area of Cincinnati. An eclectic group of creative minds from the east side of Cincinnati, who are fairly new to the steampunk scene. We are of diverse ages and […]

Time Travelers’ Ball – Ford Theatre Reunion

They were at the very first Time Travelers’ Ball, and we are thrilled that they will be returning this third annual extravaganza of a party that is so grand that it spans all of time itself! Ford Theatre Reunion has been on a quest to return sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll to the circus since […]

Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – Contest Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, with just three days left for voting here are the current leaders in our Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest. Best Goggles – The Cross Country Goggles are still in the lead, closely followed by the McCall Goggles. Best Gun – Kyote’s Aether Ray Gun has taken the lead, but it’s almost neck and neck […]

This Day in History – July 30th, 1898

This day in 1889 saw the invention of an iconic breakfast cereal . . . the humble cornflake. John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg were brothers from a Seventh-day Adventist family in Battle Creek, Michigan. They had little education, because their parents expected Christ’s Second Coming before they would need it, but John Harvey […]

An Introduction to Travis

I’m Travis. I’m a middle-aged, out-of-shape, pale, married circus freak. I’ve spent the last 12 years running the Pickled Brothers Circus based out of Northern Kentucky. With them, I swallow swords, eat fire, lay on a bed of nails, crack a bullwhip, and do lots of other things that are better seen than described. In […]

The Society of Mutual Autopsy

In 1876, group of French scientists, formed the Society of Mutual Autopsy in order to cut open each others’ heads and prove the non-existence of the soul. And while philosophers and theologists had been debating the soul for millennia, it was the confluence of a number of scientific developments in the mid to late 19th […]

Time Travelers’ Ball EXCELLENT Drawing!

The Time Travelers’ Ball is now less than two months away and we have a great reason for why you should buy your tickets before the end of August! Not only will you save $5 off the door price to the Ball, not only does the Ball feature a great line up of Steampunk performers, but you […]

This Day in History – July 29th, 1899

Motorcycles are a quintessential part of American culture, so it comes as no surprise that the first ever official motorbike race was held in Manhattan Beach, NY on this day, July 29th, in 1899. The race must have been designed for those with a patient demeanor as none got much faster than a jaunty stroll, but this […]